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The Final Service Interruption...
During most of this past year a host of gremlins beset our operations.  We became unable to make many of our products and, as a consequence, were unable to fill your orders. That broke our promise of prompt shipment--but even worst, we failed to honor our pledge of full and best service. I deeply regret this inconvenience to you and extend my most sincere apology for the difficulty that it caused you.

It took a while to understand the what and why of these problems and to determine the best corrective action. By October 2012, we decided to re-establish a machining base by making a new set of custom vise jar inserts- Using this solid foundation, we have since designed and written 21 CNC programs for specificHillman products.

A few days ago, I commenced loading the programs for the new custom fixtures nto the machine. Once tthe new base is completed, one-by-one I'll "production test" the individual product programs.  As each product is "proven," I'll make a quantity to put in wholesale inventory.  I'll report to you the date when each product enters inventory. Following this schedule,     I'll converge on honoring the Hillman Service pledge -- and you'll never again experience a service interruption!

Thank you for your interest and loyalty to Hillman products!
If you have questions about any Hillman product, click on the category of interest (left of the logo) and, once the screen displays that category, scroll to the item of interest. Then click on its image (or where it should be) to obtain a full-page description.

If you have any questions or comments, please pass them along:
Phone: 843-407-6659
Postal: Hillman-Stewart Company
2704 Edgefield Road
Florence, SC, 29501
Alan M. Stewart